Discover the Unmatched Battery Feature of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 That Sets It Apart from iPad – A Jealousy-Inducing Advantage!

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It’s interesting to watch the two giants of the mobile tech world — Apple and Samsung — battle it out to create great products. It’s a win-win situation for consumers.

Differences in Tablet Thermal Management

While there are lots of similarities between the two company’s smartphones and tablets, there are also some key differences. One big difference I noticed watching the Samsung Unpacked event is the approaches the companies take to tablet thermal management.

Heat is a silent killer of devices. Not only does it cause premature battery wear, but the constant heating and cooling cycles can cause solder joints responsible for holding components onto the mainboard to fracture. Also, when a device gets hot, one of the strategies used to cool it down is to throttle back on performance.

The Importance of Effective Cooling

  • Effective thermal management can improve performance and longevity of a device.
  • The M2 chip in the new iPad Pro is 3% slower than the MacBook Pro’s chip, mainly due to cooling capabilities.

Samsung’s Innovative Cooling Solutions

Samsung Tab S9 thermal management

Samsung Tab S9 thermal management.


  • The new Tab S9 incorporates layers of TIM (Thermal Interface Materials) to carry heat for dissipation.
  • Tab S9 also features vapor chamber technology to effectively move heat from critical components.

Unleashing Power with Better Cooling

I push my iPad Pro quite hard to run apps such as DaVinci Resolve, and while it copes well with demands, it could benefit from better cooling to unlock more power from the M2 chip.


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