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New Game Pass Games You Can Play Before Starfield Is Released – IGN Daily Fix

Recently, a lot of buzz has been circulating around the highly anticipated game, Starfield. Fortunately, Xbox Game Pass has come to the rescue by offering players some amazing titles to enjoy before Starfield’s release. Here are some exciting updates:

Horror Game Of The Summer Is Day One On Game Pass – Kotaku

Game Pass subscribers are in for a chilling experience as the horror game of the summer arrives on the platform. Get ready to immerse yourself in thrilling gameplay and spine-tingling scares with this exciting addition.

Another Six Games Will Leave Xbox Game Pass Soon (August 31) – Pure Xbox

While we welcome new games, it is with a hint of sadness that we bid farewell to some beloved titles. Xbox Game Pass has announced that six games will soon be leaving the platform. If you haven’t played them yet, make sure to give them a try before they’re gone.

Xbox Announces Games Coming Soon to Game Pass – IGN

Xbox has delighted gamers yet again by announcing a wave of upcoming releases for Game Pass. From action-packed adventures to immersive RPGs, there is something for everyone in this exciting lineup.

Most anticipated game releases – September 2023 – Destructoid

Looking ahead, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement for the most anticipated game releases in September 2023. Mark your calendars and get ready to plunge into these highly anticipated titles.

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