Get the Google Pixel 7 at an All-Time Low Price, 25% off on Amazon!

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Google Pixel 7

Google / Pocket-lint

Google Pixel 7

$450 $599 Save $149

Amazon has the Pixel 7 for a crazy low price right now. In fact, it’s available with 128GB of storage for $450, which is the same price as the less powerful Pixel 7a. This all-time low price on the Pixel 7 is a no-brainer for anyone currently shopping for a phone.

Why you should buy the Google Pixel 7

There’s no shortage of praise for the Google Pixel 7 on the internet. Just look at our Pixel 7 review, which gave the phone an impressive 4.5 out of 5. The excellent camera system stood out to us when we tested the phone. Between the hardware and Google’s incredible photography software, you’ll be able to capture images better than you ever imagined.

Our review cited the chip as the main thing that pushes the cameras forward: “The Tensor G2 processor has an enhanced image processing element, delivering some pretty great results,” reads the review. “In low light, particularly when using Night Mode, we noticed the speed at which it captures and then processes the image is faster than on the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6a, which are both powered by the first generation Tensor processor.”

“While the camera is obviously a highlight, the effortlessness with which it handles the everyday stretches across the whole device. That’s what makes it such an enjoyable phone to use.” This line from the Pocket-lint review really sums up the feeling of using the Pixel 7 as a daily phone. There’s just something so comfortable about it. It feels like home, which is all you can ask for from your phone.


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