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Google Product Rating Policies


Tech giant Google is all set to update its product rating policy, offering great benefits to consumers. The new policy aims to eliminate fake reviews and provide authentic information to users. The implementation of the policy is scheduled for 28 August. Let’s dive deeper into the details.

Fake Reviews and Scammers

In June, Google took legal action against scammers who used fake reviews and listings to deceive and exploit consumers. With the upcoming product rating policy update, Google aims to prevent users from encountering fake reviews before making a purchase.

New Product Rating Policy

Under the updated policy, Google will ban the use of automatic and artificial intelligence (AI) generated content in reviews. This step will ensure the authenticity of reviews and prevent fraudulent practices. The company has recently explained the measures it will take to block AI-generated fake reviews from product pages.

Other Issues Covered

Google’s updated policy also addresses other important issues such as spam content, illegal content, hate speech, dangerous products, and personal or confidential information. The company aims to enhance the overall user experience by eliminating irrelevant and harmful content from its platform.

Banning AI-Generated Content

One of the key features of the new policy is the strict ban on reviews created by automated programs or AI apps. Google wants to ensure that all reviews are genuine and submitted by real users. To enforce this, the company will employ AI tools and mark reviews generated by automatic programs and AI apps as spam.


Google’s updated product rating policy is set to empower consumers by providing authentic and reliable information. With the ban on AI-generated content in reviews, users can make more informed decisions. The implementation of the policy from 28 August underscores Google’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its platform.


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