GTA 5 YouTuber Exposes the Quirky and Unpredictable Movement Mechanics in GTA Online

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GTA 5 and GTA Online’s movement is weirder than most fans realize

Popular GTA 5 speedrunner and YouTuber, DarkViperAU, has recently released an interesting video tied to GTA Online’s movement. It’s another part of his Facts and Glitches series and actually very interesting to view. This article will highlight some of the strange oddities that DarkViperAU points out about the two games’ movement options. Some of the wonky behavior is exclusive to one title, while others are present in both.

The full video will be provided in the next section of this article. Note that anything tied to GTA Online could be changed in a future update, as that game still gets updates to this day. Otherwise, let’s look at the interesting quicks tied to GTA 5’s single-player and multiplayer movement options.

Quick Recap of Useful Movement Tips

  • Brake Boosting: You can brake on elevated parts of the road to gain additional speed while driving a car or motorcycle. Basically, press and release the brake button as your vehicle reaches a bump. Franklin’s ability in GTA 5 can gain massive speed with this technique.
  • Different motorcycle speeds: The fastest way to move on most bikes is to do wheelies. Otherwise, leaning forward is quicker than just driving normally.
  • Curb boosting: Driving over small curbs can increase your vehicle’s speed. For example, one car could go up to 167 km/h without curb boosting, but performing a curb boost raises its top speed to 194 km/h.
  • Bunny hopping: Bunny hopping on a bicycle is the fastest way to move with certain cycles. Note that holding the command for a bunny hop can be useful for going down slopes as you get extra speed.
  • Double-clutch: Letting go of acceleration and tapping the handbrake before accelerating again while in second gear can help your car gain a ton of speed.

It is unlikely that a future GTA Online weekly update would change those features, so learning those tips can be helpful, especially if you want to win races. Here are the neat facts about GTA 5’s protagonists:

  • Swimming speed: Michael is the fastest swimmer in GTA 5. This doesn’t change if he’s in 1st-Person POV.
  • Watercraft speed: Michael drives the fastest on water-based vehicles, regardless of Driving skill.
  • Running: Franklin runs the fastest in GTA 5, especially with tab movement (where you keep bringing up his weapon).
  • 1st-Person POV: This camera makes all protagonists run at the same speed. This also allows you to run through stairs much easier than in 3rd-Person POV.

Let’s look at one very interesting movement option up next for both GTA 5 and GTA Online. The latter of which can be used for Cayo Perico Heists to earn extra money.

Buffer Ledge Grab

This happens in a second by the way (Image via DarkViperAU)

A Buffer Ledge Grab can be done in both GTA 5 and GTA Online. It essentially involves your player climbing a vehicle or other object, only to warp somewhere else. Make sure the Jump and Phone Special Options are on separate keys. Here is a quick rundown:

  1. Take cover on a vehicle or other object that’s climbable
  2. Bring up the phone.
  3. Press the buttons for Jump and Phone Special Option.
  4. Move the character away from that area.
  5. Stand still and get rid of your phone to warp.

This technique is used in the Bury the Hatchet mission while speedrunning as it saves a lot of time. Destroying the climbable object allows your character to be propelled high into the air. Note that GTA Online players need Snapmatic’s Quick Launch turned on and then use Snapmatic as they take cover. Afterward, try to jump and bring up Snapmatic again.

An example of the glitch allowing players to get Cayo Perico gold by themselves (Image via DarkViperAU)
An example of the glitch allowing players to get Cayo Perico gold by themselves (Image via DarkViperAU)

GTA Online players must keep bringing up the camera app as they move to get this exploit to work. This bug can be used to get Cayo Perico’s secondary targets in the compound solo. An easier way to get that loot in GTA Online is by:

  1. Ragdolling near the stairs
  2. Quickly climbing the nearby rail and moving to the right while in 1st-Person POV.

An example of this can be seen around 15:23 in DarkViperAU’s video posted above in this article. Another interesting technique in GTA Online is Job Warping, which essentially involves you teleporting to a job’s location and then instantly quitting it. Custom jobs also work for this exploit.

There were more examples of intriguing movement exploits in GTA 5, but this article primarily focused on the most useful ones for the average player (especially in GTA Online). It’s pretty interesting seeing how creative some of these movement options are, especially since some bugs likely won’t exist in Grand Theft Auto 6 and other future games.

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