JioCinema effectively minimizes losses following IPL with strategic measures

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JioCinema, the video streaming service owned by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Ltd, has witnessed a 20% decrease in viewership levels after the Indian Premier League (IPL) peak in April and May, according to industry experts. However, the platform has managed to sustain engagement, especially with the reality show Bigg Boss OTT.

Engagement Post IPL

The company points out that while most platforms would expect a significant drop in viewership after a major event like IPL, JioCinema managed to maintain engagement due to the popularity of Bigg Boss OTT. The reality show has attracted over 100 million viewers and recorded 30 billion minutes of watch time, performing on par with a typical monthly viewership for a Hindi GEC show.

Challenges and Content

Despite the sustained engagement, JioCinema faces challenges such as high churn and a low content quality. The platform launches two to three new titles every week but struggles to provide high-quality content consistently.


A senior executive at JioCinema expressed their satisfaction with the post-IPL performance and highlighted Bigg Boss OTT as a key driver of viewership. The show has garnered impressive viewership on both mobile and larger TV sets, with a significant number of viewers actively participating in voting and other activities. The recent finale of the show attracted 23 million viewers with a peak concurrency of 7.2 million.

Focus on Non-Fiction

JioCinema is actively betting on non-fiction content and refers to Bigg Boss OTT as the largest entertainment property on digital. Additionally, removing the paywall barrier for shows like “Asur 2” has contributed to increased viewership.

Data Comparison

According to data from, JioCinema had 221 million monthly active users in June 2023, compared to 232 million for MX Player and 716 million for YouTube. The platform also had 35.2 million daily active users, while MX Player had 56.8 million.

Disruption in the OTT Category

Shailesh Kapoor, founder and CEO of media consulting firm Ormax, acknowledged JioCinema’s disruptive impact on the Indian OTT market. Offering free content in high volumes and regular releases of films and series have attracted users. Kapoor emphasized the need for JioCinema to focus on building a strong tech product to enhance user experience.

Content Challenges

Despite the strong content flow, JioCinema faces customer churn and lower buzz and quality content. Industry analysts estimate that around 40% of viewers deleted the app after IPL. Transitioning Voot subscribers and improving content quality are crucial for JioCinema’s success.

Social Media Marketing and Content Strategy

Experts suggest that JioCinema should focus on social media marketing to increase brand visibility. Karan Taurani, senior vice-president at Elara Capital Ltd., estimates JioCinema’s paid user base to be less than a million and recommends a slow and steady approach to content creation.


JioCinema has managed to sustain engagement post IPL with the help of Bigg Boss OTT but faces challenges in terms of churn and content quality. The platform needs to focus on improving user experience and implementing a strong content strategy to attract and retain viewers.


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