Meta Unveils Revolutionary AI Music Generation Tool ‘AudioCraft’ for Seamless Music Composition and Innovation

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Meta has unveiled its latest open-source ‘AudioCraft’ AI tool that could change the way we create music.

Features and Use Cases

  • AudioCraft allows professionals and casual users to produce high-quality audio using text prompts.
  • Professional artists can create compositions without playing an instrument.
  • Creators can generate soundtracks with ease.

Components of AudioCraft AI Tool

  1. MusicGen: Generates music from text prompts using Meta’s own music library.
  2. AudioGen: Generates audio from text prompts using public sound effects.
  3. EnCodec: Allows higher quality music generation with fewer artifacts.

Pre-Trained AudioGen Models

Meta has also released pre-trained AudioGen models that enable users to generate environmental sounds and sound effects.

Open-Source Initiative

  • Meta is open-sourcing the AudioCraft model weights and code.
  • Researchers and practitioners can build on Meta’s ecosystem and train their own models.

Audio Challenges

Meta believes that while AI for images, video, and text has seen significant growth, audio has lagged behind.

Generating high-fidelity audio requires modeling complex signals and patterns at varying scales.


Meta’s AudioCraft AI tool has immense potential to revolutionize the creation of music and sound effects, allowing professionals and casual users to unleash their creativity.


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