Microsoft Empowers Gamers with Enhanced Repairability: Xbox Controllers Now Included in Repair Initiative

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Microsoft Starts Selling Controller Parts on Its Online Store

Owners of both the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller and the standard Xbox Wireless Controller can now purchase replacement parts directly from the Microsoft store. This new development allows users to fix their controllers without relying on third-party sources, potentially saving them money.

What Parts are Available?

  • Replacement boards
  • Sticks
  • Buttons
  • Covers, and more

Affordable Repairs

If your shoulder buttons are broken or your sticks are drifting, you can attempt a repair with the available parts, rather than replacing the entire controller which can be expensive, costing $59.99 or $179.99 brand-new.

Note: iFixit also offers controller parts with a “lifetime” guarantee, while Microsoft’s parts have a warranty period of one year.

Comparison to Sony’s DualSense Edge

Microsoft’s move to sell replacement parts for their controllers puts them ahead of Sony’s recently introduced DualSense Edge. While the DualSense Edge allows easy replacement of stick modules, it does not offer replacements for other parts like Microsoft does.

Supporting Right to Repair

This initiative aligns with Microsoft’s commitment to enabling customers’ right to repair their equipment. It follows an agreement with shareholder advocacy group As You Sow two years ago and the recent introduction of replacement parts for Microsoft Surface devices. This approach mirrors Apple’s decision to sell repair kits last year.


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