Uncover the Ultimate GTA Online Solo Money Glitch to Secure 10 Million on All Consoles!

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Although money can be made by usual means, such as establishing businesses, completing DLC missions, and carrying out heists, these methods require significant time and effort. Hence, players can try out money glitches to get rich quickly.

Players on all consoles can earn millions of dollars via a simple GTA Online solo money glitch

YouTuber Musty Sky uploaded a video explaining the GTA Online money glitch. You must own a Facility and equip it with the Orbital Cannon to perform it. These commodities are expensive, but the investment can be recovered quickly by repeating this glitch multiple times.


  • Own a Facility in GTA Online
  • Equip the Facility with the Orbital Cannon
  • Have a few saved outfits

Execution Steps

  1. Join a public or private session in GTA Online
  2. Access the Pause Menu, go to Online, and enter the Creator mode
  3. After loading up, reaccess the Pause Menu, go to Settings, change the Targeting Mode to Free Aim, and join a new online lobby
  4. Enter your owned Facility in GTA Online and set it as your spawn location
  5. Bring up the Interaction Menu and change your outfit from the Style section
  6. Head to the Orbital Cannon room and stand close to the system to trigger the “Press to Use the Orbital Cannon” option
  7. Use the PS or Xbox buttons to head into your gaming console’s main menu and look for a random player’s session to join
  8. Once you click the “Join Session” button, immediately head back into GTA Online and press the button required to access the Orbital Cannon
  9. Click the prompted button and accept the Alert notification
  10. Disconnect the internet, wait a few seconds, and then reconnect it
  11. Go to your console’s main menu, wait for around 30 seconds, and return to the game
  12. If executed correctly, GTA Online will load for about two to three minutes and then display an error message
  13. Switch to your console’s main menu and join a random player’s session again
  14. If any other Alert notifications appear, accept them and get into an online lobby
  15. Upon loading up, you will be rewarded with $500,000
  16. This solo glitch can be repeated to make millions of dollars over time

This money can then be used to buy in-game items like cars and weapons to have fun until Grand Theft Auto 6 comes out. Rockstar Games hasn’t announced it officially, but insiders suggest that could happen later this year.

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