Unleash the Power of AI: Google Photos AI Title Maker Seamlessly Names Your Delightful Memories

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Google Adds New Memories Tab to its Photos App

Google is introducing a new feature to its Photos app that will create a dedicated place for auto-generated collections of pictures. The company is also adding generative AI titling features to help users name their photo collections.

Dedicated Memories Tab

– Google-generated collections have appeared at the top of the Photos app for years.
– The new Memories tab will now have a dedicated button at the bottom of the app.
– Default titles for memories are often location-based names using images’ GPS metadata.

Generative AI Titles

– The new AI titles feature helps to summarize the Instagram Stories-like style presentations with more fun and detail.
– When viewing a memory collection, users can select a “help me title” button that uses generative AI to create a name based on the image contents.
– If the initial output isn’t satisfactory, users can add a “hint” to guide the bot in the right direction.

Rollout and Future Plans

– The new Memories view is launching today in the US and will be available worldwide in the coming months.
– Google plans to add video export options for Memories in the future, allowing easy sharing through messaging and social media platforms.
– Apple’s Photos app already offers video output for its “For You” and custom slideshows.

The Ups and Downs of Generated Memories

– Generated photo memories from Google, Apple, Facebook, and others can bring back cherished moments and inspire more memories.
– However, sometimes the selections can be random and include unrelated or unwanted photos.
– Users may not want to relive certain past moments brought up by the app’s algorithm.

In conclusion, Google is enhancing its Photos app with a new Memories tab and generative AI titling features. This update aims to improve the user experience by providing a dedicated place for auto-generated photo collections and helping users name their memories more creatively. While these generated memories can evoke nostalgia and excitement, there is also the chance of including unrelated or unwanted photos. Nevertheless, the addition of video export options in the future will make it easier for users to share their memories with friends and family.


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