Unlock the Power of AI: Effortlessly Expand Images in Adobe Photoshop with these Proven Techniques

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What Is Generative Expand?

Generative Expand is a new feature being tested in Adobe Photoshop that allows users to expand and enlarge their images.

  • Previously, users would have to manually add desired effects or details to an existing image, which required advanced knowledge and time.
  • Now, with Generative Expand, users can utilize Adobe’s built-in Firefly AI tool to automatically generate the desired effects.

What Version of Photoshop Do You Need?

Generative Expand is currently available only in Adobe Photoshop (Beta), so you’ll need to install this version to access the feature.

How to Use AI to Expand Your Images in Photoshop

  1. Open the image you want to expand in Adobe Photoshop (Beta).
  2. Select the Crop tool from the right toolbar and drag to select the area you want to expand.
  3. In the options toolbar, select Generative Expand from the Fill dropdown menu.
  4. Click on Generative Expand in the context menu and describe the desired image in the textbox provided.
  5. Click on Generate to let Photoshop create your expanded image.
  6. Use the left or right arrows in the context menu to view different options generated by Adobe.
  7. If you want to change the AI-generated design, select the AI-generated layer and choose a different option from the Variations in the Properties toolbox.

Generative Expand Limitations

Although Generative Expand offers great convenience, there are limitations to consider:

  • Struggles with rendering hands and faces, as is common with AI image generators.
  • May have difficulties capturing fine details.
  • Accurate prompts are necessary to achieve desired results.
  • The tool’s performance is subject to the limitations of Adobe Firefly’s AI program.

Expanding Your Photos Has Never Been Easier

The Generative Expand tool in Adobe Photoshop is already proving to be a valuable asset for photo editors and graphic artists.

As Adobe continues to refine the tool and gather more data, its capabilities are expected to improve.

While a Creative Cloud subscription is required to access the tool, it offers immense convenience to those already subscribed.

Additionally, alongside Generative Expand, you can also utilize Generative Fill to seamlessly incorporate AI-generated images into your photos.


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