Unlocking ChatGPT without Cost: Discover the Top 5 Free Alternatives for Exceptional Conversational AI Experiences

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Chatbot Queues Increasingly Long

OpenAI’s ChatGPT started the AI revolution. The AI chatbot instantly grabbed headlines and made the field of Artificial Intelligence, one of the biggest industry commodities.

That popularity comes with a cost though, despite OpenAI’s best efforts, the servers for the chatbot are often stormed with users, resulting in long queues as you wait your turn. The paid subscription alleviates this problem by giving you 24×7 access to the bot, even during peak times, but what if you don’t want to pay?

Here are five of the best free alternatives to ChatGPT:

Microsoft Bing

  • The Microsoft Bing AI is based on the same technology as ChatGPT and comes integrated with Bing’s search engine.
  • It has multimodal capabilities, allowing it to use not only text but also images and audio as methods of input.
  • It also has an integrated image generator, can display visual answers, and assist you in various tasks like planning trips.

Google Bard AI

  • You can try out Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) for free.
  • It offers all the generative features that ChatGPT and Bing have and supports strong coding and reasoning capabilities.
  • It had a disastrous launch, but Google is slowly turning it around.

Perplexity AI

  • Trained on OpenAI’s API, Perplexity AI is a minimalist chatbot that offers quick responses and a free trial.
  • The free version is quite generous and offers very few restrictions on how you use it.
  • It is based on OpenAI’s older GPT-3 model but has multimodal capabilities and can act as a web search engine.


  • Twain is an AI designed to sharpen your selling skills and act as your communication assistant for outreach.
  • You can feed it marketing drafts, office communication, customer communication, or sales pitches, and it will help you improve them.


  • Replika AI is built on the GPT-3 language model and focuses on relationships and companionship.
  • You can create a Replika that is unique to you, and it learns your writing habits and phrasing.
  • It recognizes context from previous conversations to continue them. With a pro membership, you can even have video chats with your AI.

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