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Apex Legends Season 18: Revenant Rework Abilities Explained


Apex Legends Season 18 is set to bring exciting changes to Revenant, the popular legend known for his sinister abilities and ruthless playstyle. The rework aims to provide a fresh experience for players and enhance the overall gameplay. Let’s dive into the details of Revenant’s reworked abilities and other exciting updates in Season 18.

Revenant Rework Abilities

Revenant’s rework in Apex Legends Season 18 introduces several new abilities that will significantly impact the game dynamics. Here are the key changes:

  • Death Totem: Revenant’s ultimate ability, Death Totem, has been reworked to provide a more strategic advantage. Now, when players activate the Death Totem, they will still return to it with a set amount of health, but any damage or debuffs received during the Death Protection phase will be retained upon returning. This makes decision-making and positioning even more crucial for Revenant players.
  • Silence: Revenant’s tactical ability, Silence, has been improved to increase its effectiveness against enemies. When Silence hits an opponent, it will now temporarily disable their ability to use any tactical or ultimate abilities for a short duration. This gives Revenant players a significant advantage in engagements against legends who heavily rely on their abilities.
  • Shadows Descend: Revenant’s passive ability, Shadows Descend, remains largely unchanged. However, it now grants a slight increase in movement speed to enhance Revenant’s agility and evasive capabilities.

Weapon Changes

Apart from the Revenant rework, Apex Legends Season 18 also brings some exciting weapon changes to improve the overall balance and variety of the game’s arsenal. One notable change is the return of Disruptor Rounds as floor loot. Previously exclusive to the Alternator, Disruptor Rounds will now be available for other weapons, adding a fresh twist to the gameplay and strategic options.

Resurrection: A Fresh Start for Apex Legends

EA’s battle royale game, Apex Legends, continues to reinvent itself with each new season. With Season 18 titled “Resurrection,” the game aims to give both veteran players and newcomers a fresh start by introducing innovative gameplay features, reworked abilities, and exciting weapon changes. The focus on continuous improvement and keeping the game dynamic ensures a thrilling experience for all players.


Apex Legends Season 18 is set to unleash an array of changes, focusing on the reworked abilities of Revenant and exciting weapon alterations. This promises an exhilarating experience for all players as they adapt to the enhanced strategies and dynamics introduced in the new season.

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