Unveiling the awaited Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Spotlight: Discover When and How to Watch!

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Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Spotlight

Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Spotlight is an indie-focused showcased filled to the brim with wonderful games anyone can play right now or in the not-too-distant future. The event takes place on August 1 and is the only place for indie fans looking for their favorite gaming news this summer.

Where & How to Watch Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Spotlight

  • Fans can watch Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Spotlight on August 1, 2023 at 2.30 AM PT.
  • The show will last for one hour and feature 50 different indie games.
  • There’s a choice of two places to watch the event, either the official YouTube channel or Twitch channel.
  • The Twitch channel will be the best source for a live feed, but anyone watching after the event should default to the YouTube channel since the upload quality will be superior.
  • The event is also a great place to join in with the community, chatting about the games on the show long after the live conversation has petered out.

All Games Featured & Announced During Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Showcase

At the time of writing, Indie Live Expo 2023 Summer Showcase is still a day away, so there are currently no announcements. We’ll update this guide section once we start seeing game announcements and have videos and Steam page links to share with readers.

What is Indie Live Expo?

Indie Live Expo is the biggest live digital showcase for indie games. To date, the event has attracted over 73 million viewers and shown more than 1,800 games across every showcase it’s run. The best way to think of it is as a blend between a physical event where dozens of developers feature their games at booths and a Nintendo Indie World.

The event organizers seek out interesting indie games to feature, collect trailers and other details from the developers, and put together a live show that millions tune into. The details of every game are shared in the hopes that more fans are found when they see the game in action and click through to its page.

The biggest problem indie developers have is marketing their games. Big publishers such as EA and Ubisoft have massive budgets to throw at showing off their games to new potential fans, but indie developers are stuck with social media and whatever else they can get their hands on.

Indie Live Expo is a huge event specifically for these smaller titles that many believe deserve more attention than they get. It’s a place where like-minded people can find thought-provoking games that will stick with them for the rest of their lives without sifting through thousands of posts on social media.


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